YAMAHA WR 250 F 2006

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  • Yamaha WR250F (Steel Frame) Radiator Guards
    Radiator Guards

    Radiator Guards | YAMAHA | WR250F 2001-2006 | YZ250F 2001-2005

    Our radiator guards have been designed to provide great protection with minimal reduction in airflow. All of our standard radiator guards incorporate tubes across the face of the guard offering excellent side impact protection. Most designs include substantial rear bracing to further enhance both side impact and fold back strength. The grill design has been flow tested and reduces linear air flow by less than 10% at lower speeds when compared to the standard louver grill supplied with most bikes.

    All Force radiator guards are designed to fit genuine radiators and will not fit aftermarket  radiators.


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  • Yamaha YZ & WR250F Case Saver
    Case Saver

    Case Saver | YAMAHA | WR 250F YZ 250 F | 2003-2014

    Force Accessories Case savers are machined from Billet 6061 Aluminium and provide protection in the event the chain breaks or derails, which can result in extensive damage to your engine casing.

    Our case savers are designed around the original fitment size sprocket and will not work with a larger size


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