SHERCO 125 SE-R 2018

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  • Case Saver

    SHERCO | Case Saver | 125 SE-R | 2018-2023

    Force Accessories Case savers are machined from Billet 6061 Aluminium and provide protection in the event the chain breaks or derails, which can result in extensive damage to your engine casing’

    Our case savers are designed around the original fitment size sprocket and will not work with a larger size



    to be redirected to the SHERCO AUSTRALIA to purchase.

     or check out your local SHERCO Dealer

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  • Radiator Guards

    SHERCO | Radiator Guards | 250 300 450 SEF-R 2012-2022 | 250 300 FACTORY 2018-2022

    Protect your cooling system from every direction. With a race tested grill design which provides superior defence to your Sherco radiator from frontal impact and debris without obstructing airflow, Force Accessories Radiator Guards fit perfectly and offer the strongest protection.

    • Wraparound structure deflects impact from critical mounts and radiator surfaces
    • Durable aluminium construction
    • Etched Sherco Logo design
    • Easy installation
    • Made in Australia


    to be redirected to SHERCO AUSTRALIA to purchase.

    or check out your local SHERCO Dealer

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  • Sherco

    SHERCO | Speedo Protector | ALL MODELS | 2015-2019

    Don’t drop money on damaged parts that could have been protected. Manufactured from billet aluminium and featuring a detailed Sherco logo design, the Force Accessories Speedo Protector will guard your Sherco’s speedo from debris and impact and keep your money in your pocket.

    • Durable 6061 aluminium construction
    • Straightforward installation
    • Neat anodized finish with detailed Sherco logo design
    • Made in Australia by Force Accessories
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  • Disc Guard

    SHERCO | Rear Disc Guard | All Models | 2012-2023

    You may not be Wade Young, but you’ll always make the finish line with the Force Accessories Rear Disc Protector on your Sherco. Designed to deflect debris and avoid harsh impacts, the protector will ensure your disc remains straight and true while giving you that factory look.

    • Constructed from billet aluminium
    • Intricate Sherco logo detail
    • Simple installation
    • Made in Australia by Force Accessories
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  • Clutch Cover

    SHERCO | Clutch Cover | 125 SE-R 250 300 SEF-R | 2009-2018

    Our clutch covers are machined from 6061 aluminium offering excellent protection compared to the stock cast covers. We machine our covers to be slightly thicker in the area of the brake lever as it is where clutch covers are most commonly damaged. The covers are hard anodized to reduce wear.


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