Billy McCulloch | Welcome to the Force Accessories Family

We would love to introduce Billy McCulloch as our newest Force Family member.

The 20-year-old hails from Gippsland, Victoria. Billy has spent his whole life riding and works full time as a Boilermaker.

“I began riding at age 3 but really found a love for bikes at the age of 12. If I’m not waking up every Sunday morning to watch motocross, I’m waking up to go riding. I can remember being a kid staying up until 3 in the morning watching the Erzberg livestream. I have always loved this sport.”

Billy began racing at age 14 in the Vic off road series, he competed here for 3 years, with his two biggest achievements through that period being winning the U19 B grade championship and coming 2nd in Wildwood Extreme Bronze Class.

With the launch of the Grassroots AHEC, Billy decided to make a change and focus specifically on hard enduro, training every week on and off the bike. 2020 was somewhat of a rebuilding year, after a year and a half off the bike due to injury.

However Due to so many Covid lockdowns, Billy was able to attend the one race at the end of the year, Wildwood Rock, where he won silver class.

Through 2021 Billy made the step-up to gold class, where he was able to progress further while in and out of lockdowns, including 17th place at Kozzi Killer, 5th at Mount Morgan and 2nd place at Dederang Deadzone.

After a broken Fibular whilst training for the upcoming state and national series, Billy missed the first 3 VIC rounds and the first 2 Aussie Rounds, however, has managed to get himself over to Romania and ride Romaniacs.  Romaniacs was a dream of his since he was a kid and he finished with an amazing 19th overall in Silver Class. Billy has high hope’s of attending more international races such as Erzberg and Sea to sky – Watch out, Billy’s on his way!

We are proud to have Billy onboard, and look forward to watching and supporting him over the coming years.


Black Dog Ride – Off Road 2022

2022 Black Dog Ride – Off Road @ The Bogies

A community weekend fundraiser to raise mental health awareness and reduce stigmas surrounding mental health.

Force Accessories were invited to attended the annual off road ride, and being a avid rider myself, of course I was in! Watching the weather leading up to the weekend I was defiantly reconsidering my decisions, however I was able to book a nice warm bunk room to myself  for the two nights and I couldn’t turn down an invitation to dance the night away after a ride.

Arriving on Friday night to Charnwood Camp, to set up and get to know the Black Dog Crew over a few drinks and a huge bomb fire, the conversation quickly turned to the pending storms. The ride leaders for the weekend had put in an incredible amount of work over the past few months getting tracks marked out, for them to be potentially washed out. After a quick ride during the day to double check and re-rout around fallen trees and washed our roads, they were all back on track.

As the night went on, the storms came in, and so did the attendees. Caravans, camping trailers, roof top tents and swags were all being set up around camp with most opting in for a bunk room instead, especially after they’re camp ground was flooded during the evening.

The Ride

Small sleep in on Saturday, for a ride day, started with a hot bacon and egg roll and double up on coffee, with scrutineering starting at 8.30am. We saw every single bike checked over thoroughly for anything that could cause an accident or harm to the rider, with a handful of bikes not passing, we got to fixing the issue so everyone could be involved. The Team work of the Black Dog Crew was outstanding.  We all got together for a quick chat prior to the ride to touch base on the importance of The Black Dog Ride and how we are all in this together.

All geared up and waiting in our group levels, Level 1+, Level 2, Level 2+ & Level 3 each ride leader went through safety and cornering. As the groups started to head off the rain started to come down, we were drenched before we could even leave the property, at this point I was very happy with my decision to pack my raincoat for riding in! Being in a group of 13 riders of all the same skill level made the ride comfortable and within my ability. Our loop defiantly had some challenges for all of us, with The Strathbogies being notorious for rocks, red clay and steep hills, the continuous  rain made it even more sketchy. Heading up into the pines on some never ending wide steep inclines that were littered with 2 Inch think branches covered in butter soaked in cooking oil, to the point were you couldn’t see the dirt track,  so picking the correct line was much harder, as there wasn’t one.

The first loop lasted about 3.5 hours in the pouring rain with the tracks becoming rushing rivers with rapids and waterfalls and the rain hitting your face felt like shards of glass. Surprisingly it wasn’t cold, there wasn’t an ice cold wind that I would expect in the high country which made being drenched to the bone a lot more bearable.

After checking out the beautiful view of the low clouds at the top of the mountains, we made our way back to base camp for lunch. A wonderful family of one of the Black Dog Crew members volunteered to cook not only our hot breakfast in the morning but a nice hot sausage sizzle for lunch, with a gold coin donation towards Black Dog Charity, onions on the bottom to ensure safety, we all downed a couple of snags and waited for the other groups to arrive. A second loop was organised for every ride level, however most riders, like myself, were completely content with the ride they had done, plus the rain was never ending. Level 1+ went out for a second loop and really made the most of the day.

Once we had all arrived back, had our hot showers and change into some well earned dry clothes we met back at camp head quarters for drinks, heaters, stories and the very anticipated raffle draw, action and DISCO!! The raffle prizes were all donated by local companies who understand the importance of the charity. Stihl Chainsaws, $250 Vouchers, Makita Cooler, kids Bike, Apparel, Grips, Firepit and so much more, all money raised going directly to the Black Dog Ride Charity.

With donations still coming in form the sale of the Force Accessories Black Dog Ride Fire Pits – Available until October 16th FIRE PIT | BLACK DOG RIDE | 2022 | FORCE ACCESSORIES | – there was an estimate of $4,500 raised for the weekend. What an amazing effort from this group of volunteers, they should all be very proud of what they have achieved.

We are looking forward to next years annual Black Dog Ride – Off Road!!


Romaniacs 2022 with Billy McCulloch

Pre event.

Theres a certain feeling of landing in a foreign country to race dirt bikes, the anticipation, nerves, excitement and feeling of the unknown all wrapped into one. being my first time I wasn’t sure what  to expect so the emotions were quite high on all levels but at the end of the day it just adds to the experience.

The first three things I noticed when I arrived, The country side is unbelievably beautiful, the roads are sketchy and the drivers even more so, it wasn’t an uncommon site to drive past a rolled truck or a totalled car on the skinny seemingly back roads which were actually their highways.

After settling down in Sibiu for a couple of nights getting adjusted to the weather, timezone and beer I met up with my service crew who had prepped up my bike. I had hired a brand new 23 model Gas Gas 300 and brought over what are the essentials, Force accessories bike protection to ensure it made it through the race, Alltech suspension to make it feel like your riding a couch and a Two stroke performance head and ECU to give it some more grunt and clean revving feel.

Local Shane Moss who took me out riding for some 3 days leading up to the race.

Shane’s an Aussie who lives in Romania with his wife and has been involved with many different aspects of the race over the last 12 years so needless to say he has plenty of local knowledge of the countryside.

After years of waiting and training in anticipation the feeling of getting out on the bike in Romania was quite surreal, it felt like a dream come true to just to be riding there and experiencing everything the terrain had to offer, Extremely long downhills and uphills, more tree roots then your heart could desire and mountain views that made you think you were riding in the swiss alps, all wrapped in to one make it the coolest place to ride ever.

With all this going on you would be excused to think that the excitement is at its peak but it really hits next level when you see the prologue track under construction in the middle of the city in Sibiu. Built from man made obstacles, laid down in the main road and constructed out of some 130 Ton of rock, 80 ton of logs and enough truck tyres to fit nearly every truck in Romania its quite the site to behold.

The first official event for the race is the “Nations Ride”. Beginning at the competitors paddock on the outskirts of the city, parading through the medieval city centre and finishing at the prologue track on main street.

Funny story here, there was actually some miscommunication as to were my bike was being stored and I ended up being dropped at the wrong spot as the event was starting, hailed down a cab flew through to the other side of the city picked up my bike and blasted back through the city to meet the parade, just managing to avoid about five road collisions on the way. Made it just in time to join the parade coming into the prologue area so luckily i was there for the most important piece of the parade, The Burnouts.

After the fiasco of the nations parade prologue kicked off. we had track walk at 7:15 and our one run at 7:30. If we placed in the top 35 we qualified for the “main event” which was taking place at 4 o’clock that afternoon. Unfortunately after some silly mistakes and riding quite timidly I narrowly missed out on the main placing 39th giving me a 7.5min penalty to take into the start of the offroad days.


The long Anticipated off-road start was finally here. The first day start was situated atop a hill overlooking the valley in which Sibiu is situated in, a quite spectacular way to start the race and it only got better as the days went on, The trails for the first day was a mix of technical single track with a few tougher sections and also some very fast fire trails were it was common to be in 5th or 6th pinned. After the service point on day one the difficulty was upped crossed the valley and heading into some steep off camber sections which short pinches and some long chopped out downhills. Safe to say by the end of the day i was quite happy to sit under the red bull tent and eat some pasta. Placing 20th for the day I was happy to make up some positions and get into the groove.

Day two kicked off very early, up out of bed at 4 with a long drive to the off-road start with some classic congested Romanian traffic. Start time for myself was 6:59 and I was full noise as soon as I left the red bull arch, I made up some good time early in the morning but as the tracks started head in to the alpine regions the terrain developed some crazy long downhills, sections where you would be going down one hill for 15 minutes straight and lose 600 meters of elevation easy. Not long before the midway mandatory service point I had a massive crash losing control on a downhill after clipping a tree with my bars, ending up with a very painful corky in my quad and a slightly bent up bike, best case scenario for the situation.

After the service point the day starting heading much higher into the alpine regions giving way to some insanely spectacular views, the only comparison i can make is if the VIC high country had a baby with the swiss alps you would get the Romanian alps. Pushed through the pain and made it to the finish in 25th absolutely wrecked but quite happy to see the day out.

Day three started from the Ranca Skii resort Atop the grassy slops sitting at 2300 meters of elevation, it was quite picturesque ride to the start line with the sun coming over the hills following the iconic Trans Alpina road over the hills. The third day was very similar to the second, Amazing scenery, Fast rocky paddocks, Long decent’s, long Ascents and Sheep dogs the size of small ponies. Much better feeling overall today i felt i rode well and expected to make up time which is why i was quite surprised to cross the line in 26th.

Not A lot of sleep was to be had the last night of competition, nerves and anxiety was quite high which made it feel rough to get out of bed and into the car. The final start was from the competitors paddock where we road through the city out to the offical day 4 start on the outskirts of town.

I started the day like a bull at a gate and proceeding the find that the overnight dew had made the grass quite slippery going down on the second corner. I got up with one thing in my mind. “I need to make up time” and that basically was my mantra for the whole day. I didn’t feel great on the bike the residual fatigue from the previous four days was clearly having an effect in the way of lots of small mistakes and “OH SHIT, that could’ve been bad ” moments. The Final morning was comprised of uphill creek beds, downhill creek beds, flat creek beds and some flowy single track with the odd hill mixed in. After the service point at 10:30 the tracks got fast. we headed down into the flats of Sibiu and made our way across the city riding along footpaths, nature strips and along the edge of a riverbed, quite different to anything we had seen thus far but quite the experience. These trails eventually bought us out into the famous “gusterita” Hillclimb where the finish line was setup.

All I can say is wow, I can remember rolling into the final sections and seeing the thousands of fans waiting in anticipation, The huge sandy hill with the red bull arch atop and thinking how surreal it felt, it seemed just moments ago the nerves of starting the race were high, then the challenge of making through each day and all of the sudden I’m staring down the final hill. The next 10 minutes was an absolute blur, getting up gusterita and then cleaning the rest of the final sections and crossing the finish line all seemed like a dream in motion.

When I finally crossed under that final arch i wasn’t quite sure what to think. Should I be happy? Sad? Proud? it was wild, but in the end it was a crazy mix of emotions that looking back in hindsight is like nothing else.

So in short, Romaniacs is the most epic thing I’ve ever done. I certainly wont forget it, to anyone thats ever thought about competing in it, give it a go you certainly wont regret it.